Terms and conditions



1§ Eligibility and Concepts


These terms and conditions are for promoting, booking, selling, buying and using of Stop Over products produced and packaged by Terra Nova (Iceland), considered as Tour Operator. The person or party requesting, booking and/or buying these services from the Tour Operator and/or paying for these services to the Tour Operator is considered as Customer. Persons using the services included in the Tour Operator’s products are considered as Passenger(s). Any Customer acting on behalf of other parties or persons, considered as Passenger or not, is liable and obliged to forward all information given by the Tour Operator, written or oral, as well as these Terms and Conditions to all of the Passengers being part of the Customer’s act. The third parties carrying out and/or executing the services included Tour Operator’s products on behalf of the Tour Operator are considered as Suppliers. The services produced and packaged as Stop Over Packages by the Tour Operator and described on the Tour Operator’s official web site are considered as Tour Programs.


These terms and conditions are valid between the Customer, the Passenger(s) and the Tour Operator. They do not bind the Suppliers directly. The Suppliers may set their own terms and conditions as well instructions and rules for using their services in regard (but not limited only) for the comfort and safety of the Passenger(s).  By using the services of any supplier the Passenger(s) accept to obey the rules, instructions and advice of the Supplier. By booking, buying and/or requesting for services of the Tour Operator the Customer(s) and the Passenger(s) accept The Terms and Conditions of the Tour Operator and they become a valid part of the acts between the mentioned parties. In addition to these Terms and Conditions the laws of Republic of Finland are complied with. Place of lawsuits will be District Court of city of Helsinki.


2§ Tour Programs and Bookings

The Tour Operator offers Stop Over Packages (5 hrs – 5 days) for Finland and surrounding areas consisting of two or more components specified in the individual package description (Tour Program) at the Tour Operator’s official web site or other method set by the Tour Operator. Services in Tour Programs will be in English language. Other languages are provided only if separately specified in Tour Program irrespective of which languages the marketing material has been provided. The packages for individual Passengers (1-9) are offered and sold as presented and cannot be modified. The main booking method is through the online booking tool of the Tour Operator. For Group Passengers (10 or more person per single booking) packages are not bookable online but through manual process by contacting the Tour Operator by e-mail and requesting for group services.


The Customer is responsible for making the bookings carefully and is obliged to check all details, especially  dates, passenger data and contents of chosen products before proceeding to payment and confirmation. The Tour Operator takes no responsibility for booking errors made by the Customer. Correcting booking errors may involve high costs to the Customer due to non-refundable tickets and services. See also paragraphs 5§ (passenger data), 6§ (passports) and 7§ (visas and other documents).


3§ Pricing


All prices are shown in Euros (EUR) and stated per person. Prices are indicative before confirmation of requested services and can be changed by the Tour Operator at any time. Prices for confirmed bookings are kept as confirmed if paid by due date. The Tour Operator reserves right to change confirmed prices only due to unforeseen charges, taxes or supplements set by the authorities or due significant rise of general costs (e.g. fuel surcharges etc.).


4§ Terms of Payment

Packages or services are to be paid in full when booked or requested. Only successfully paid bookings or requests are handled. The Tour Operator reserves right to cancel or to refuse to deliver any on due date still unpaid services without further compensations. Manual payments must be proofed by official receipts. The Customer (payee) is responsible to cover any additional fees caused by using different payment gateways or methods, e.g. banking fees for overseas transactions so that the net amount in Euros received by the Tour Operator equals to the grand total of the booking or request. Any refunds made by the Tour Operator shall be paid in Euros and the occasional risk of fluctuation of the currency exchange rates lies solely on the Customer.

If a Passenger is using another person or party to book and pay for services, the Passenger is adviced and recommended to request from this Customer a copy of the official confirmation issued by the Tour Operator in order to be sure of being entitled to receive the services booked via the Customer. The Tour Operator is not responsible of payment arrangements between a Customer and Passenger(s).

Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) acts as an implementer of the payment handling service and as a Payment Service Provider. Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the recipient in the invoice and Paytrail Oyj will forward the payment to the merchant.
Paytrail Oyj is an authorized Payment Institution.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181830
5§ Passenger data


All names and passenger information must be inserted in latin alphabet in exactly same form as in the passport of each Passenger. Transport companies and hotels are required by law to collect certain passenger information like names, nationalities, passport types and numbers, expiry dates and places and dates of birth etc. Failing to give the correct and/or full information can prevent the Passenger using services without a right to any compensation for the denied or adjacent part(s) of the package. The Customer is responsible to supply the Tour Operator with correct and sufficient passenger information.  The Tour Operator is required and responsible to forward all passenger data exactly in the same form as received from the Customer in the booking to the Suppliers and their systems.

In case the Customer fails to give correct or gives insufficient data of Passenger(s), the Tour Operator has no responsibility. In case the Tour Operator fails to forward the received information correctly, it covers the cost and work of the necessary correction and compensates the possible cost and harm of related problems.


The Tour Operator is obliged to handle all bookings and passenger data in a safe and secure environment. The Tour Operator is not sharing any passenger related information to other parties than the Suppliers participating in the Customer’s and the Passengers’ Tour Program and to the technical processes related to that. Authorities with specific reason have the right to get relevant passenger data from the Tour Operator.

6§ Passport

All passengers including children and infants need a personal passport valid for international travelling. The passport and other documents must be valid, in proper condition and not missing any parts. Citizens of European Union countries can also use European official ID-cards as a method of travel document within the territory of European Union. Each passenger is responsible to carry necessary documents needed to enter countries to be visited. Failure to present such documents may lead to a denied entry and/or prevent continuation of the intended travel. The Tour Operator takes no responsibility of the problems nor the costs for the Passenger(s) unable to follow the Tour Program due to invalid or missing documentation.


7§ Visas and other travel documentation


Finland is member of the European Union (EU) and part of the Schengen area. Passengers are obliged to check the visa regulations carefully before booking and paying for services. Visas must usually be applied in the country of residence. Passengers are adviced to take into consideration the whole travel route and to apply for a visa(s) covering all countries to be visited. A single entry visa does not allow any side trips outside the area covered by the visa. Passengers planning to visit also countries outside EU / Schengen may need double or multiple entry visas as well as visas for the other countries. Passengers are responsible themselves to obtain and carry all necessary visas for their entire routing.

Passengers are responsible to check relevant health and customs regulations and to comply with these by obtaining necessary documentation (e.g. health certificate) early enough.


8§ Terms of changing or altering or cancelling bookings – request by the Passenger


Packages sold online for individual Passengers (1-9 persons) are non-changeable nor alterable and non-refundable after having been confirmed. Packages for groups of 10 or more passengers can be modified upon the original request. After confirmation any changes or cancellations are not allowed without charge.

In case of irregularities of directly preceding or connecting flights / travel arrangements or acute illness or accident of the Passenger(s) preventing the Passenger(s) from using the Package as described in Tour Program, the Tour Operator will make necessary changes in the Tour Program trying to offer similar and/or corresponding arrangements. In case any part of the originally paid, confirmed and agreed services cannot be replaced it will be refunded to the Customer by the Tour Operator. No further compensations will be paid. Passenger(s) requesting an involuntary change of the Tour Program, must notify the Tour Operator immediately when such a need arises before the start of service(s) and supply the Tour Operator with a written and reliable proof of the reason (e.g. a doctor’s statement or confirmation given by a transport company). The Tour Operator reserves the right not to accept requests not proofed reliably enough. In such case the changes made to the Tour Program are charged from the Customer and/or are not refunded.


In case of any other sudden or unforeseen circumstances preventing the Passenger(s) from using the Package as described in Tour Program, even if beyond the control of the Passenger(s), The Tour Operator will make necessary changes in the Tour Program requested by the Customer and/or the Passenger(s) only if the Customer and/or Passenger(s) agree on paying the possible costs for these amendments. A refund of any unused services to the Customer will be paid only if the Tour Operator is refunded by it’s suppliers. This applies to any situations not referred to in previous paragraph, including but not limited to, strikes, weather conditions, restrictions set by authorities and other force majeure and “act of God” whatsoever. The Tour Operator is entitled to deduct a service fee for the assistance from the refund.

A no show of passenger(s) is considered a cancellation without right of refund or compensation.


9§ Terms of changing or altering or cancelling bookings – request by the Tour Operator


The Tour Operator is liable to deliver duly paid and confirmed services in accordance with the relevant Tour Program. In case of not being able to deliver some or any part of the agreed services the Tour Operator will make all efforts in supplying the Passenger(s) with similar or corresponding services of same category within the time window of the original Tour Program. The Tour Operator has the right to alter the schedule, services, transportation, accommodation and/or order of the services in order to fulfill the Tour Program as far as it is relevant and does not cause the Passenger(s) immoderate inconvenience or hardship.  In case of not being able to deliver the services, there will be a refund for the undelivered part.

If the reason for not being able to deliver paid and confirmed services lies on the Tour Operator itself or any of it’s suppliers themselves AND they have acted carelessly or with an unprofessional matter, the Customer is entitled to full refund of the non-delivered services and compensation for any extra costs directly caused by underperformance of the Tour Operator and/or the Suppliers.

If the reason for not being able to deliver paid and confirmed services lies on force majeure factors, sudden or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Tour Operator or The Suppliers, like strikes, weather conditions, public security, safety or health issues, restrictions set by authorities, infrastructural restrictions or any “act of God” whatsoever preventing the Tour Operator or the Suppliers working normally despite their efforts, the Tour Operator is not obliged to grant other compensation than a refund for the undelivered services.


A no show of passenger(s) without any preceding cancellation request from the Customer nor Passenger(s)  is considered a cancellation without right of refund or compensation.


If Passenger(s) is not able to use the paid and confirmed services due to denied entry at border or into a transportation caused by missing or invalid travel documents (passport, visas, health certificates) or unlawful or criminal act or is arrested by an authority , the Tour Operator is not liable to any refund or compensation and the Passenger(s) is considered no show and thus cancelled.

If Passenger(s) fail to follow the rules, instructions and advices of any of the Suppliers or the Tour Operator or by his/her behavior causes damage, threat or risk to him-/herself, any other persons or their possessions, the Passenger(s) may lose the right for the service and/or any of the remaining services without compensation and the Package may be cancelled by the Tour Operator without refunding it to the Customer or Passenger(s).


10§ Disagreements and Claims

The Tour Operator requests all claims in written in English as soon as possible and latest within 30 days from the end of the services. Any problems arising during the Tour Program are to be reported to the Tour Operator immediately by phone or email in order to be solved instantly and to avoid disturbances to the Tour Program.  If the Tour Operator (or the Supplier) is not able to solve the problem during the Tour Program, it can be claimed for possible compensation. Problems not reported during the Tour Program cannot be used for claiming for refunds or compensations afterwards.
If an acceptable solution between the Customer/Passenger(s) and the Tour Operator is not found in the claim handling, the consumer Customers and Passengers are able to make a claim to the Consumer Disputes Board of Helsinki written in English using a form available on the web site www.kuluttajariita.fi/en.
The Consumer Disputes Board will investigate the case and give neutral proposal for solution.
The board is not handling disputes between two companies, only between a private consumer and a company.